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Martin Luther King jr. Day Vlog



Author: Julia

I'm a seventeen-year-old college student at Simon's Rock of Bard in Western Mass. I'm a writer and an aspiring journalist.

2 thoughts on “Martin Luther King jr. Day Vlog

  1. Just in case you couldn’t tell, this commenter is a TROLL. Aka, the modern Johnathan Swift.

  2. I would love to point out the flaws in your thought at 2:00 where you say poverty is prevalent among minorities all across the board. Minorities are given more opportunities in school, for example college acceptance than a white person is. Speaking more specifically about Mexicans, they are willing to bust there ass here and work harder than anyone and they have become a fairly successful cultural group. They don’t have to pay taxes and can educate their children for free. Now on to Asians. This cultural group is most definitely one of the more successful groups of them all! They are currently a majority of the doctors and higher end professions. Black people are the only group that is still in the shitter. Is there a reason for this? Of fucking course, because “most” not all but a majority of them are unwilling to work hard in school or life to succeed. This is simply because of welfare encouraging them that due to slavery the country now owes them. This attitude is deadly and has obviously shown in how Mexicans can immigrate into this country and do better than Blacks. Do your research before you come on here and spew your ignorance all around. I’m disgusted by your view on this and think you might want to research what your taking about a little more in depth. Good luck on your next video. Hopefully you use some sense in the one. 🙂

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