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Walker Going Too Far? Wisconsin-Based Blogger Thinks So

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[[Angry response of Wisconsinite blogger to union-killing bill. Reblogged from ]]

The expansion of Big Government Republicans. I had called my state representative’s office in Madison to ask about the current situation in Madison with regard to reports of bully behavior on the part of GOP in government. I was told that Walker was placing lackeys in positions that were to be non-partisan and who would be answerable to him. Governor Walker is centralizing his grip on governmental power. Now – if there is ever an argument against “big government,” it cannot be made by Walker and Wisconsin Republicans.

Taking away our voice and vote. There is also a brutal policy set against the staffer of the 14 senators that have fled the state. I had called my state senator, Chris Larson (one of the 14 that fled) and know the voice of his staffer. I called his office in Madison the other day and got a woman who sounded like a Southern accent and monotone voice. What the Senate Republicans have been trying to do is punish (Republicans are great at “punish and revenge” policies) with threats of firings and forcing them to work for Republicans where they have to report their every move to Republican staffers (see HuffPost link). We did not vote for a Repug in this district (and probably never will after this!) and at least someone who is associated with Senator Larson should be there for us to voice concerns. This follows on the heels of our state representative, along with some 25 others, being denied her vote in the Assembly.

The Wisconsin Republicans have stolen our voice!

Emperor Walker defies constitutions, laws and courts. Our dictator-governor has also been defying court orders to open the Capitol to the people of Wisconsin. The capitol building is to remain open to the people, as required in the Wisconsin Constitution (link). Yet, Democratic representatives are being denied the ability to met with their constituents and have to meet with them outside, while GOP members are given full access to the building that others are not. Place this denial of equal access to our state buildings along side of the unprecedented (and unconstitutional) attempts to “arrest” the 14 absent senators, or at least forced them to come back to Madison. The notion that the Wisconsin Senate can have other “arrested” without the commission of a criminal act is absolutely un-American, as well as without legal foundations. Also unconstitutional is the notion of fining the absent senators $100 a day for absence. If the Republican Senators did this – they will be in more hot water than the fabrications against our 14 Senate heroes (see link – link ).

“The thought of using law enforcement officers to exercise force in order to achieve a political objective is insanely wrong and Wisconsin sorely needs reasonable solutions and not potentially dangerous political theatrics” (WI Professional Police Association).

This idea is not only “insanely wrong,” but the political use of police and security forces is routinely condemned by the US in foreign policy. NO democratic society based in freedom and personal liberty uses police for political dirtywork. The State Patrol is shaping up to be a type of Praetorian Guard for Emperor Walker. This is stuff right out of autocracies and the Soviet Union, especially, where one (as is happening in Wisconsin) has to be a good comrade to get a job, keep a job and get along in the society. The reality is that it has been a long-time goal of Republicans to have one-party rule in America, (also 2006 federal report) as Mubarak did in Egypt, and where all political competition is stiffed, oppressed, and in jail or in hiding.

Believe it or not, there are a number of Americans cheering on Walker and Wisconsin Republicans as they start to govern this state as an autocratic dictatorship. Shame on them!


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I'm a seventeen-year-old college student at Simon's Rock of Bard in Western Mass. I'm a writer and an aspiring journalist.

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