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Splurging on Victory: The Troop Surge II

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What is a life worth? Is an American life worth more than that of an Afghan civilian? How many civilian lives are worth one Taliban? How many American lives is victory worth? These are the decisions made daily by the generals who convinced Obama to send more troops. These men haggle over the worths of lives daily, as a buyer and seller haggle over price. civilians, enemies, and soldiers are like  nickels, dimes, and quarters, mere bargaining pieces, chess pawns. But these generals are detached from the grieving families, violent or suicidal PTS victims, not to mention the sufferings on the Afghan side. It isn’t the right of the men safe behind the lines to decide who lives and who may die. My life is not a poker chip. No life is.


Author: Julia

I'm a seventeen-year-old college student at Simon's Rock of Bard in Western Mass. I'm a writer and an aspiring journalist.

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